Eugene's Pizzeria & Deli

Eugene’s Pizzeria is a family friendly neighbourhood pizzeria on East Fremantle’s iconic George Street.
When the owner, Tony, discovered that the corner shop on George and Duke street was available, he knew it would be the perfect location to bring people together for good quality and authentic pizzas in a casual setting.
Together with his pizza chef, Tony created a fresh menu with a unique light pizza dough. They wanted to offer superior tasting pizzas as well as a variety of Italian delights such as take-home fresh pasta and artisan gelato.

Who is Eugene? Shortly after the lease was signed a T.V. commercial was shot on location for Saturday Night Lotto featuring a young man who was able to fulfil his dreams of owning a café called Eugene’s after his grandfather. After some consideration, it was determined that the new pizzeria would be named after that T.V. commercial.
So, who’s Eugene? We are Eugene! Uniquely, Eugene’s Pizzeria.